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How to Clear Your Skin: Alisa Vitti's Masterclass

How to Clear Your Skin: Alisa Vitti's Masterclass

Alisa Vitti, the author of WomanCode and mastermind behind Flo Living, hosts Facebook Live events and online conferences that I try to mark on my calendar every now and then, partially because I love and respect her so much, but mostly because I find value in the topics that she talks about. This past week, she was hosting a “How to Clear Your Skin” masterclass and I wasn’t going to miss it, especially because I just came off of hormonal birth control a few months ago and am working to get my body back into balance.

Because I know that not everyone can take an hour out of their day to listen in on a masterclass about holistic skincare, I wanted to recap what Alisa said and provide you with some of the information and advice that she passed on to the listeners. I also included some of my own research on the topics below. Hopefully you’ll feel motivated to make some changes for your skin, and/or read Alisa’s book for all of the real-time incredibleness!


  1. Acne is the result of things not functioning optimally on the inside. When symptoms show up externally, it is 99% because of things being out of balance internally. This alludes to liver function, adrenal health, thyroid function, digestion, glucose regulation, the microbiome and everything else in between. Diet and lifestyle are everything.

    During your luteal phase, or the 7-10 day period before menstruation, the estrogen and progesterone relationship is what determines if you experience PMS symptoms or not. These two hormones have to be in a pretty particular place together in order to guide you through your luteal flow symptom-free. Ideally, increasing progesterone and decreasing estrogen during this time can aid in pre-menstrual symptoms.
  2. Synthetic hormone medications (birth control, steroids, spironolactone), acidic topical treatments (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid), and Retinol may be helpful for acne and PMS symptoms right now, but in the long run your skin and body will be fighting harder to get back in balance and utilize nutrients for natural healing once you discontinue use of these things. Also, your body has to work hard to detox from acidic medication and topical chemicals that you put on your skin.
  3. The location of your acne can relate to specific internal problems. In other words, you can map where you get pimples on your body and what they mean.

    If you get acne on your forehead, Alisa suggests that this is connected to your intestines and microbiome. If you get acne on your chin and jaw line, this is connected to your ovaries and reproductive system (an estrogen and progesterone conversation). Acne on your temples might be connected to liver congestion, and acne on the side of your nose might suggest imbalanced blood sugar and glucose levels. Back and chest acne might be most related to the products that you’re using, like body lotions, perfumes, hair products, etc; the amount that you're sweating during workouts; and is also heavily related to the digestive system and what foods you’re eating.

Take Action

  1. Try incorporating high-quality bone broth into your diet, which has collagen to protect against aging and wrinkling, glycine to help detox the liver, L-Glutamine, magnesium, calcium and iodine, which promotes healthy thyroid function.
  2. Ground up flaxseed helps the digestive system function more smoothly, which in return can help keep your skin clear. When toxins aren’t hanging around inside, problems aren’t as likely to show up outside. Flaxseed has a high omega-3 count, magnesium, selenium, fiber and other nutrients that can help with your monthly flow and skin clarity.
  3. Avoiding certain foods can help with hormonal acne.
    -Canola, sunflower, safflower, and vegetable oil
    -Caffeine (in excess)
  4. Try experimenting with a daily cortisol flush, which sweeps the stress hormone out of your body. Sweating is a great way to do this. According to Alisa, 30 minutes of daily exercise is enough.  Additionally, taking a relaxing bath and using a hot towel to scrub your skin can help your body release stress.
  5. Rid yourself of any beauty products that contain toxic ingredients. See the Environmental Working Group’s page about skin toxins and ingredients to steer clear from. Look online to see if there is a natural beauty store in your area that uses ingredients like coconut oil, fruit extracts and essential oils for their products. If you’re located in Kansas City, you’ve got to visit Skin KC!

At its core, this masterclass was all about how what you put into your body, and what is going on inside of your body, is what determines external symptoms like eczema, acne and even psoriasis. It makes sense that how we treat ourselves, and what we expose our bodies to significantly impacts our skin, digestive system and hormonal health.

Alisa Vitti is always sending out announcements about new classes and/or Facebook Live events. Catch her personal story here, and sign up for her emails so you can stay in the loop with all things women’s health! She is a #badass and I learn so much from her.

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