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The REAL Reason I Started a Blog

The REAL Reason I Started a Blog

I wake up everyday with some level of excitement about something happening that day. Whether it's trying out a new cycling class or going to the grocery store (which is pathetically fun for me), I manage to always be looking forward to the little things. This says a bit about my personality. I'm enthusiastic and optimistic. I truly look for the adventure in everyday, and I love meeting new people, cooking with new foods, visiting new spaces and experiencing new things. However, I haven't always felt like this.

I've always advocated for a well-balanced life. I'm very open-minded so I think that's why I enjoy the new life elements and experiences that come my way daily. However, this can also be a curse for me because I get excited about almost everything and sometimes dive into things wholeheartedly without thinking about the consequences...

My senior year of highschool, I was a 5'10 picture of health. After being asked to do a photoshoot with a local photographer, my eyes widened at the idea of being a model, and I fully dove into the concept. I lost 20 pounds that I didn't have to lose, started viewing food as an enemy, over-worked myself physically and threw my hormones for a loop. My mood, digestive system and endocrine system started really suffering. 

Flash forward to my freshman year of college at Colorado State University: I had recognized by this time that I was struggling from an eating disorder and began to open up about it to my closest friends. I was surprised to learn that one of my best friends was in the same boat. We talked to one another about everything anxiety and body-image related. She is an inner hippy and had a lot of awesome ideas and thoughts about self-care and naturopathic methods that I wouldn't have began exploring if it weren't for her. I learn(ed) so much from her and continue to value our friendship even though we're a state apart. 

I transferred to the University of Kansas my sophomore year of college. I thought I would feel more stable being closer to home and in a more familiar environment; however, I was still experiencing anxiety symptoms and was dying to get away from them. I made the decision to start practicing self-love on a more consistent basis. I wanted to be healthy without associating food and exercise with disorderly practices.

For the rest of college, I researched countless elements of healthy eating and wellness practices. I began meditating via Calm (wonderful application! must try), journaling via the Five Minute Journal, eating mainly plant-based (I found grains and dairy to be upsetting to my stomach), spending time with meaningful people (insightful and humble people are so important to have relationship with), and challenging myself to engage in new wellness practices that I came across. I started paying attention to how different things made my body feel (workouts, meals, etc.), and finally taking care of myself resulted in my mood being more stable, my attitude being genuinely positive again, and my digestive system functioning normally.

My life continues to be a journey, but I think that is a beautiful thing. Today, I have come so far and have learned so much about my mind, my body, my hormones, and the kind of life that I want to live; and of course I still have so much to learn! I think it's important for people to hear my story because even though I am happy and carry myself with confidence, I've been through a time when I thought I'd never feel this way again. I believe that healing from body-image issues is possible for everyone, and I think it's important for people to open up about their experiences and emotions in order to do so. Those who have the best insights and advice are those who have been through the deepest and darkest times but have come out healthier and stronger. Life is dynamic, but that's an awesome thing!

I started this blog so that I could create a space where honesty and wellness reside. I believe that the greatest happiness is found when we treat our bodies well and grow in self-love and awareness. Through this platform, I will share my experiences (past and present), healthy recipes, favorite farm-to-table restaurants, coffee shops, and sometimes I might share a journal entry from 4th grade (Amy Schumer did it, so it's cool). Ultimately, I hope that this blog is a space where health & wellness are exemplified and learned about. I want to teach, learn, grow, and experiment. I'm excited, my dad and mom are excited, my friends are excited, and you should be excited too. #letsgitit

xo, Rae

Post-Workout Kale Salad

Post-Workout Kale Salad