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Beauty Free Week

Beauty Free Week

I have never really worn much makeup or figured out how to wear my hair in intricate braids and updos. My daily routine is pretty basic and looks something like this:

  1. Apply 100% Pure White Peach Face Powder
  2. Add W3LL PEOPLE concealer to any noticeable blemishes
  3. Sunkiss my cheeks with W3LL PEOPLE All Natural Bio Bronzer
  4. Lengthen and volumize my lashes with 100% Pure Black Tea mascara
  5. Blow dry my hair if wet, straighten any kinks or awkward curls, wear it down or in a ponytail. Sometimes I curl my hair into beachy waves, and sometimes I straighten it. Most often, it's the blown-dry-touched-up option.

When I wear makeup or 'do' my hair, I do it because it makes me feel beautiful and confident. It's nice knowing that no blemishes are showing on my face, my hair looks perfectly wavy and texturized, and my eyelashes are long and volumized enough to make it appear as though I'm wide awake and ready to take on anything that comes my way. 

But why? Why does being made-up make me feel more beautiful and confident?

To challenge this, I wanted to go one full week without wearing makeup or doing anything to my hair. No tinted moisturizer, no straightening even the kinkiest of curls, and no dedicating 22.5 minutes of each morning to a beauty routine. Simply, beauty-routine-free.

I was hoping that eliminating my beauty routine would accomplish a few different things over the course of the week.

  • More time in the morning to devote to other things
  • I'd feel beautiful and confident without makeup and styled hair
  • No mascara in my eyes during my evening workouts***
  • Detox my skin and my hair from products

There were a few things that I still allowed myself to do:

  • Brush my hair after the shower/in the morning
  • Put Moroccan oil in my hair
  • Put untinted moisturizer on my face each morning
  • Use chapstick

From Monday-Sunday, I took this 'all-natural look' on.

Here's what I ended up learning:

  1. The clothing you choose to wear affects how you feel. A few of the days, I dressed casually and wore my hair down. On these days, I didn't feel particularly vibrant or motivated. However, when I wore a jumpsuit one day and jeans with a cute top the next, I found myself walking around with more pep and feeling more engaged and social. I also felt more confident with my natural hair; I felt pretty with my natural waves. Maybe when we go to interviews, meet with a friend, go to work or on first dates, we really should 'dress to impress'...ourselves. It made me feel good to dress up, and it gave me more energy in a way. 
  2. Our skin needs a break. This beauty-free week was my 'breakout' week of the month (hormonal cycle); but fortunately, I only dealt with a few small blemishes, and it didn't even bother me that I couldn't cover them up with makeup. Sometimes, wearing makeup during this time of the month irritates my skin even more, and this month I didn't have much irritation or anything that I truly felt like needed coverage. It was as if my skin was thanking me for not irritating it during a time of sensitive care and detox.
  3. People truly don't notice. Unless someone was following me on Instagram, they didn't notice that I was ~all-natural. In fact, people still complimented me on my outfits and 'hairdos'. We waste too much energy worrying about what other people are thinking; when in reality, they are worried about what WE'RE thinking! How ridiculous. The only person that is responsible for making you feel a certain way is you. If you feel beautiful and sexy, then you are. So do what it takes to feel that way.
  4. It's rewarding to accomplish something. Even though it was one week long, it felt nice to think that I completed an entire week without my beauty routine. No matter the challenge or length of time, it's nice to switch up your routine sometimes and try something different. My skin thanks me, and I feel proud of myself.
  5. Workouts truly are so much better when you don't have any makeup on your face. It's kind of nasty looking down at your sweaty towel and seeing black smudges and light-brown paint. Am I right? Don't you wonder what your actual face looks like at the moment when you see half of your beauty routine all over the white workout towel in front of you? *Picture the living dead.* It was nice not worrying about this.
  6. Makeup is okay, and so is anything else that truly makes you feel beautiful. As long as you are 'beautifying' yourself for no one other than yourself, I believe that makeup and curling hair are fun ways of self-expression. I feel confident and vibrant when I include my beauty routine in my day, and therefore I'm going to continue to do so! The more we fall in love with ourselves, the more we will express beauty and confidence authentically and healthfully. 

In the end, would I do a beauty-free again? Heck yes.

For all of the reasons above and more, going beauty-free was rewarding. I think it would be a healthy practice for us to do every month. My skin deserves a break, and so do my mind and spirit, from the 'cover-up' that sometimes hides the beauty underneath.

Have you tried a makeup-free week? What was your experience?

Paleo Granola

Paleo Granola