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The Nature of Change

The Nature of Change

The other day, I had the kind of day where truly nothing seemed to be going right for me. I couldn’t grasp new concepts at work as easily as usual, my brain fog was REAL, I made a certain mistake for the SECOND time, I forgot my lunch (even though I’m food-oriented AF) and genuinely felt like I was flying at 100mph from 9am until 5pm. I was tired, frustrated and unmotivated.


Why do days like this exist?

“They don’t HAVE to exist, Rae, you LET them exist. You are the creator of your reality.”

Okay, yes. Jen Sincero and guided meditation have told me this enough times before. I believe this, but I’d like to call bullshit on one thing. I believe that there is something deeper that we need to understand. Maybe it’s okay to recognize the bad times, and to learn from them instead of trying to push past them – to understand that nothing lasts forever.

My Calm meditation this morning just so happened to be exactly what I needed. (Crazy how that works, right? Looking at you, Universe.) It was called Maybe.

There once was a farmer, whose horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad fortune,” they said with sympathy. “Maybe,” the farmer replied.

The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “What great fortune!” the neighbors exclaimed. “Maybe,” replied the old man.

The following day, the farmer’s son tried to ride one of the untamed horses. He was thrown off and broke his leg. The son would forever limp. “What terrible fortune,” the neighbors cried. “Maybe,” answered the farmer.

The next morning, the army came through the farmer’s village to draft young able-bodied men for the war. Seeing his son’s limp, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer. “What wonderful fortune!” they said. “Maybe,” said the farmer.

No matter the circumstance, the farmer responded “Maybe,” knowing that each day and each new moment was unpredictable, and that things were always likely to change.

It’s hard to know which experiences will turn out to be fortuitous, and which will turn out unfortunate because everything is constantly changing – it’s impossible to control the future.

The only thing that we CAN control is HOW we meet each moment – accepting each moment and trusting in the nature of impermanence. Things, people and circumstances change, and they will always continue to do so, but that’s the nature and beauty of living this dynamic life.

“The bad news is that nothing lasts forever. The good news is that nothing lasts forever.” – J. Cole

In the same way that the sunrise is different each day, our thoughts, emotions, moods and circumstances are too. Some days feel much darker than others, but we know that it won’t last forever.

The reason I’m writing this blog post is because this concept has truly changed my day to day. Although I am still affected by my emotions and circumstances on days like the other, believing and knowing that life is constantly changing gives me hope. Emotions, thoughts and circumstances eventually change on their own, many times without me having anything to do with it.

Instead of trying to push past the bad days, or rid our lives of the emotions and darkness that sometimes present themselves, what if we recognized in that moment that whatever was ‘plaguing’ us wouldn’t last forever?

This is the nature of change. Life is constantly changing, and in order to experience hope in even the darkest circumstances, we have to recognize this, and we have to accept this. When we're in the dark, we know that light will always end up shining through.

“The rain comes, but we know it won’t last forever. The rain eventually changes on its own, just like our emotions come and go. Just like the breath comes and goes.” -Tamara Levitt

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