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Earthing (and why I do it)

Earthing (and why I do it)

For a strange, spiritual reason, when I put my feet in the grass, lay on my back underneath the trees in the park, or spend time working in the garden with my dad, I simply just feel good. Spending physical time with nature brings a sense of peace and good energy that can’t quite be explained. It’s different from the kind of good energy that you feel after a high-intensity workout or good conversation with a friend; It’s calming and humbling – it reminds you of good memories, puts you in a good state of mind and makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. It’s like nature reminds you how powerful she is and how much peace she can bring every time you spend one-on-one time with her.

I’ve started this act of putting my feet, hands or body in direct contact with the ground and it’s made a difference in my appreciation for our spiritual connection as human beings with the earth. This practice actually has a name: grounding, or earthing. It’s something that you can do anywhere – and for however long you want. It benefits our mind/body connection to earth’s energy; it literally engages us spiritually with the earth. It’s also said to be a foundation for vibrant health. Cool, right?

Basically, our bodies are charged with electrons, and so is the earth. When we come into direct contact with the earth, we are able to literally absorb the electric energy from the ground, and that energy can help to heal, stabilize and energize us. And, our feet are said to be a big absorbing part of our body, so as we stand in the grass, our feet are able to absorb the earth’s energy and run it through our own personal electric current – allowing us to experience a range of benefits.

The earth’s energy can help stabilize our body's biological rhythms – helping us to sleep and feel better – reduce stress, increase energy, reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, relieve pain and promote peace or calmness. It’s not a supplement, pill, one-time-thing or religious practice; earthing is simply just spending time in direct contact with the planet that we live on. And, if you really think about it, the earth is our supplier for food and water, shelter, flat ground and physical stability – a place to play, work, run and thrive – so we should spend time in close relationship with it. It provides so much for us!

I mentioned how earthing, or grounding, can improve your sleep and mood, but here’s a full list of the benefits that I’ve researched and found or experienced for myself by spending time in direct contact with the earth.

It can make your life a little better by:

  • reducing inflammation by neutralizing free radicals in the body (natural antioxidants!)
  • stabilizing our biological rhythms (circadian rhythm, endocrine system, biological clock, etc.)
  • our bodies and hormones are designed to be in line with the earth (patterns of light and darkness)
  • relieving and reducing stress and tension
  • increasing energy by reducing stress and cortisol levels
  • reducing pain by reducing inflammation
  • neutralizing the electric currents in our bodies
    • our bodies are electric – all of our internal systems (digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous) and brain rely on electrical currents to work properly. Earthing can help neutralize the electric currents in the body (human electrons + electrons from the earth for stabilization)
  • improving your mood and giving you a sense of peace
    • there is a good chance that if you’re standing in the grass, you’re also likely standing in the sun – so earthing + a daily dose of vitamin D can add to your happiness and sense of well-being
    • standing in the grass gives us a sense of innocence and purity – it’s a raw, child-like and organic experience
  • connecting you with the universe
    • the universe gives us so much (ideas, inspiration, fresh air, spiritual guidance, gut instincts, hope, feelings, opportunity) – we can give back by spending time with it in a quiet outdoor space
  • giving you a chance to reflect and think
    • being alone in direct contact with nature gives you a quiet space to recharge and reconnect with yourself and your intuition

You might not (or you might!) feel radically changed after spending 10 minutes barefoot in the grass, but you’ll definitely be gifting yourself something special. Whenever I’m at the park, or when I have a chance to just stand barefoot in the grass or dirt outside of wherever I am, I do it. Grounding myself has given me a new appreciation for the outdoors, and I can truly say that my mood is absolutely improved when I do it.

Maybe you want to try grounding yourself each day for 5 minutes or so and documenting in a journal to see if it makes a difference for you. If you have trouble sleeping, you could try grounding yourself in the evenings and tracking your sleep cycle for a week to see if it is any help for you. Or, maybe you want to make an effort to stand in the morning grass underneath some sunshine before your day even starts for improved mood and electrical circulation. Whatever your reason for earthing yourself might be – I think you should try it and witness how it makes a difference in your life!

It doesn't take anything but your body + the planet that we live on: simple, natural relationship building with the space that our feet and souls are planted.

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