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CBD & All of Its Goodness

CBD & All of Its Goodness

No, CBD isn’t psychoactive and doesn’t get you high. Wish it did tho!!

Absolutely kidding. 

There are so many reasons why I started using CBD for my health, and the possibility of it getting me high was not one of them; so let me simply list the real reasons below. 

-       I got tired of feeling anxious before bedtime even when I was downing my Traditional Medicinals’ Nighty Night tea and taking 1000mg of magnesium 30 minutes before settling down

-       I wanted something that I could take in the mornings if I was PMSing or experiencing a week/season of heightened anxiety. Although I take l-theanine every morning with my other vitamins, I wanted to explore something additionally

-       I was curious! CBD was starting to “trend” if you will, and I wanted to know what it was all about

-       It was readily available to me here in Denver (think – literally on every corner in shops, dispensaries, etc.) so I had no excuse not to try it

Mainly, I wanted to explore CBD and its effects on my mind and body for mental health reasons. Although it has many other benefits like the ability to decrease inflammation, reduce pain, treat migraines and more – mental health was my personal experimental focus.

Quick interruption – you’re probably wondering what CBD actually is. Here’s the necessary info: 

CBD’s full name is Cannabidiol – which is simply a compound that is extracted from the hemp plant. Technically, CBD is considered a “supplement” because it’s a natural substance; and although some tinctures and capsules can contain trace or selected amounts of THC, a majority of them don’t (THC also comes from hemp, but CBD oil is typically separated and isolated from this substance). 

It’s completely legal worldwide, and although THC and CBD share some characteristics, they are not the same thing.

So, if CBD doesn’t get you high, then what does it do? 

This is some awesome stuff. Check it out… 

You can either INGEST or APPLY CBD to your body. And depending on the method you choose, you can experience different benefits.

-       Natural pain relief and inflammation-fighting effects

-       Improved withdrawal symptoms from drugs and smoking (I have not personally experienced this, but this study found that smokers who used CBD experienced less cravings and withdrawal symptoms when tapering off of cigarettes – definitely more research to be done here…)

-       Treatment of epileptic seizures

-       Reduction in anxiety and mood disorders

-       Protection and healing of damaged skin (the skin has the highest amount and concentration of cannabinoid receptors in the body; and CBD has potent antioxidant effects/can counteract signs of aging caused by free radicals)

-       Improvement of inflammatory-related conditions like skin allergies, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis

-       Increased sleep quality and treatment of insomnia

-       Improved sexual health and response

The list honestly goes on…but let me mention the benefits that I’ve experienced and why I’m such a big advocate! 

Before I moved out to Denver in 2018, I was going through a pretty anxious season. I had recently been fired from my job in pharmaceutical marketing and was taking on so much stress while thinking about my move, what my career was going to look like, where I would be living, who my roommate would be, etc. You can imagine!

My anxiety was (and still is) most prominent at bedtime – when my eyes were closed, my body was still and there was nothing left to face but my own thoughts and worries. Blah…this has been a big obstacle for me to cross, and meditation and CBD have been HUGE helpers.

I was pretty much doing whatever I could during this time to counteract my anxiety. One day when I was coming home from this coffee shop downtown that I loved working at in Kansas City, I passed the Evolution CBD store and decided to go in and chat with them about the benefits of taking CBD for mental health disorders. The guy was incredibly educated and even let me try the CBD water-soluble tincture while I was in the store. Needless to say – I left with some that day and my journey began from there.

Every night before bed, I make a cup of night-time tea and then add 25-50mg of CBD (depends on how tired I am or if I’m experiencing heightened bedtime anxiety). In the mornings, I typically take l-theanine with my Matcha or coffee and only take CBD if I am feeling on edge.

CBD makes me feel a little drowsy and sedated – kind of like I’ve had a glass of wine honestly, and truly I’ve seen big improvement in my sleep quality and the time that it takes for me to fall asleep. Although it doesn’t eliminate my anxiety completely, it absolutely helps and I have noticed a HUGE difference in my ability to cope with any bedtime anxiety that I experience.

I’ve recently started researching CBD skincare products, so I’ll keep you all updated on Instagram if I start to use them and see benefits! Ultimately, I think CBD is an incredible, natural treatment for anxiety and mood disorders (even PMS!), and that’s why I personally advocate for the substance.

You can find CBD in a variety of forms – chocolate, tea, treats, tinctures, capsules, etc. Here is a list of the brands that I have tried and feel comfortable highlighting and promoting! Most of these can be found online, but some of them have to be purchased through a dispensary. And, if you have a brand that you think is worth adding to this list – please comment and let me know! I’d love to continue to explore different brands, especially if they are local in the Midwest or Colorado.

CBD Varieties & Brands That I am Digging

*recommended starting dosage is around 25mg

Deep Roots - 250mg CBD Oil

This company’s CBD is 100% organic and made from hemp that is grown on Colorado farms (WOO!). Their product is THC-free and is put through both in-house and 3rd-party testing to make sure that it’s consistent, pure and of the highest quality. Because the serving size is about 10mg, I think it’s a great oil to purchase if you’re just starting to explore CBD! Start small with your dosage because you can always increase if you want to.

Evolution CBD – Water Soluble CBD

This is the first brand of CBD that I ever tried! It’s 100% organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and extracted from hemp that is free from pesticides. I only ever purchased the Natural flavor of this tincture because I wanted to be able to add it to beverages without mixing flavors. If you’re located in KC – you can purchase this good stuff in person here!

Mokiobi – CBD Tinctures & Capsules 

Mokiobi is really passionate about their relationship with their customers and I could feel this when I was communicating with them regarding my order. I’m a big fan of their capsules because it makes it easier for dosing. I’ve been experimenting with taking one 10mg capsule before bedtime and it’s been awesome so far. I use their CBD oil too! The CBD is high-quality and organic; and they also contain MCT oil from coconut (a touch of healthy fat right THUR).

Weller – Hemp Extract Coconut Bites

OMG. I just came across these at a coffee shop in Denver and I’m obsessed. These are a CBD snack that I am definitely down to keep on hand. Weller is a Boulder-based company and uses sustainably-grown hemp extract in these bites. A serving size (5 bites per package) contains 25mg of hemp extract (5mg per bite). Although the product contains cane sugar, the sugar content is minimal and the ingredients otherwise are just coconut, tapioca (binding agent I’m assuming), coconut MCT oil, sea salt, hemp extract and acacia gum (thickening/binding agent). I DIG THESE. 

Cheeba Chews – Cheeba Chews Edibles

My roomie had some of these and I gave one a try last week. I worked on a cheeba chew for a few nights – taking a bite before bedtime and then leaving the rest on my bedside table. The one that I was trying had a touch of THC in it so I wanted to be sure that it was something I enjoyed before eating the whole thing (BEEN THERE DONE THAT AND REGRETTED NOT TAKING SMALL BITE TO BEGIN WITH). There are chews that are solely CBD and others that contain minimal or only THC. Make sure you are looking at the right chew before purchasing! This treat mellows me out a bit more heavily than CBD oil or a CBD capsule does because of the THC content.

There are so many CBD companies and products coming out these days. The products that I’ve listed above are my favorites, but by no means the only great options out there! Be sure to do your own research and see if the hemp extract/CBD that you’re purchasing is of high-quality, organic and sourced properly.

ALSO – would love to hear you guys’ experience with CBD. Are you currently using it to combat any symptoms that you experience? Or are you just starting to explore the substance? I would love to hear your story in the comments below! You can always DM or email me too with questions.


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